1950 - The Beginning

Our company's heritage can be dated back to 1950, when South China was founded. During this early stage of fabric manufacturing, our company pioneered in specialising the production of top quality fabric. 

1953 - Garment Manufacturing

To meet the fast growing demands in the booming manufacturing hub of Hong Kong, South China expanded it's production lines to garment manufacturing.  

1965 - South China Manufacturers Ltd

In 1965, South China Manufacturers Limited was born and we started our journey overseas to provide our products and services to clients internationally. 

1980 - Offices in UK & Singapore

Reaching closer to our customers. In the 1980s, we extended our offices from the buzzing city of Hong Kong to the United Kingdom and Singapore. 

1999 - Expand Product Range

From a basic t-shirt to high performance garments to high end fashion styles, we have the right platform for you.  Over the past decades, we have focused on enhancing our product range that helps our customers build their desired product line.  

Current - Continue to Enhance

In this fast pacing city of Hong Kong, we are always looking for ways to be better, to be ahead off the market, to provide you better services, and most importantly to enhance our product quality.


We value our customers business outlook and involvement, from small to large scale companies, we are committed to help grow your product line and business.